Friday 17 June 2022



From 12th to 17th of June the last mobility of the Project took place in Camarles, Spain. Everybody arrived on Sunday and on Monday we started our activities. First, we visited the school and Spanish students presented their school, their towns and area where they live. Then they did some workshops about the topic Water Waste ( water analysis, constructing a water-waste plant, some water sports, statistics about water consumption and green city ). In the afternoon we visited Tortosa. On Tuesday we went to visit the Roman Tarraco and did a kahoot about the historical site and those times. On Wednesday students worked on some infographies and then visited the rice interpretation centre and the Ebro Delta doing some workshops  in Món Natura. On Thursday we worked on the final presentations and did the evaluation of the mobility and the end of the Project. We presented the results about Water Waste and the end-of-the Project infographies summarizing all the aspects we have been working for these three years. Then we had a certifícate ceremony, we went to have lunch altogether and then we had a final party in l’Ampolla.

We are very proud with the results we got in the Project and happy to have been able to work with such a great team. After three years we have become very good friends!!!

Here is the link of the video with photos of these days!!

Monday 30 May 2022



Sunday, May 15

Our starting point was Brnik airport at around quater to eight. After one hour flight we arrived to Belgrade, where our driver Dejan had already been waiting for us with his black van. Dejan told us many interesting stories while driving and we had great time in the van. We needed almost seven hours to reach our final destination - Story Hotel in Targu Jiu. We checked in and unpacked our bags. Then it was high time for our dinner. We successfully used some app which translated Romanian food menu for us, so we were able to order the best things possible. As soon as we were full, we eagerly go back to our hotel where we took a shower and went straight to bed. We are looking forward to meeting our friends tomorrow and learning new things.  

 What about our first impressions and thoughts? Although we spent almost seven hours in the van, we still managed to observe certain things. For example, we noticed that in Romania there were a lot of different houses. Some of them were in extremely poor condition; however, some others were new and modern. What is more, even cars on Romanian roads near Targu Jiu or in the city itself were new, expensive; however, when you go a few kilometres away from the city, you are able to see horse-drawn carriages. Overall, we got the impression that people who live in rural areas also live in poverty.

 Targu Jiu is a beautiful city; however, while looking for a good restaurant, we noticed a lot of abandoned buildings as well. This was not a good sign, since we didn't know what to expect. Finally, our teachers found a good restaurant where we enjoyed some delicious food.

 After dinner our teachers let us spend some quality tijme with our Spanish friends. We haven't seen them since our last exchange in Poland.

 A special moment happened to us at Belgrade airport. We almost felt like stars because there were many journalists and reporters with microphones and TV cameras at our gate waiting for some unknown celebrity. Unfortunately, the reporters were not waiting for us. We were told to go through the exit door as quickly as possible. This was the moment we realized that we would not be on TV. Pitty!


                                                                                                               Written by: Ana Mali





On the first day of our staying in the Story hotel we woke up at 7.30am. We had delicious breakfast at 8.30 and after that we walked to the school with other students. It was very hot and the sun was shining brightly. We presented short presentations about energy consumption in our homes. We could see that the consumption of electricity in every different country depends on the season. After that we went on a school tour to see the classrooms. We soon realized that the school is very different from ours. The school is attended by students who want to become successful auto mechanics. Today we had a delicious lunch in the school canteen. Next, we walked back to the hotel to rest a little. After 15 minutes we went to the city center where we split into groups and went on a treasure hunt around the city. Later, we exchanged our money and decided to go to a shopping centre that was about 30 minutes away. Our feet were painful and hurt a lot. Firstly, we went to the store H&M where we bought some nice clothes and a few pieces of accessories. Secondly, we visited the store DM where we bought some makeup and skin care. After that we had to walk all the way back to our hotel. At this point our feet had blisters and they hurt even more. On our way back we stopped at the restaurant called Anna where we had some delicious food. We arrived back to the hotel at approximately 10pm. We hung out for about an hour, got ready and drifted off to sleep. 

I really liked the fun activities we did during our presentation time and I was interested in gathering some interesting facts that we didn't know before about other countries in connection to energy consumption. Moreover, while walking in the city centre I realised that Romanians have so many nice branded cars. They looked all very expensive. The town itself and the houses looked very poor and destroyed so it was weird to see so many brand new BMWs on the side of the roads. The buses are also mostly electrically powered, which was, on the other hand, nice to see. It's so much better for the environment! We didn't see a lot of people on bikes though. Surprisingly, no one to be exact! The street that the hotel is located on is not the nicest and the people we saw weren't either.

 The city centre of Targu Jiu is quite nice and the architecture in the town is nice. I enjoyed spending time and getting to know the students from different countries while going on a treasure hunt. I knew many interesting things about their culture. Overall, I really enjoyed this day even though I came back really tired. It was all worth it!

 Finally, the most surprising fact today actually happened while we were eating lunch. I gave the headmaster of the school a gift from Slovenia - a bottle of wine. I was very impressed to hear he actually knows a lot about Slovenia. He could locate the region where the wine was produced. He surprised us with the fact that his daughter was born in Jesenice!


Written by: Ajda Grošelj





We woke up at around 7.30 and got ready. Then we went downstairs for breakfast and delicious coffee. We were full of energy and ready for new adventures! Our bus had already waiting for us. 


We drove to another city where we visited a really beautiful museum with historical items and an aquarium. My friends and I enjoyed the bus ride because we listened to different songs from each country, so we learned a lot about new cultures. All of the students enjoyed while visiting the aquarium. We saw many interesting species and observed some colourful fish. We were happy having some free time when we were taking photos of the river Danube (Donava). We were hanging out with Spanish and Portuguese students and talked about our hobbies and our different habits connected to energy waste and consumption. I noticed quite a few major differences regarding energy consumption. Spanish and Portuguese people spend more money and electricity in the summer due to the use of air conditioning. However, in Slovenia we spend more money in the winter because we have to heat our houses and keep them warm.


Somewhere on our way we had lunch. Afterwards we went on a bus again. The drive lasted almost two hours as we realized we were on Romanian-Serbian border. We were able to see a magnificent hydropower plant where we heard a lot of interesting facts and information. They produce 15% of all energy that is used in Romania which I didn't know and to me this is an important and interesting fact. Secondly, I was surprised at the fact this hydro power plant is the 2nd largest in Europe. One additional interesting fact is that the day before we came to visit this factory, they had celebrated 50th anniversary of energy production process. We were extremely excited when we entered the area with six turbines. They were huge and loud! Each of them weighs more than 3600 tons! I think everybody should visit such a huge hydropower plant! 


When we came back to the hotel, we had a little break because we were all tired from all of the activities we had on our schedules today. At around 8 o'clock we went out for dinner – to “our” restaurant Anna where we ordered our favorite food again. We were having a lot of fun and we laughed a lot. Then, after we finished our amazing dinner, we decided to go back to the hotel. 


We were tired, so all of us just went to sleep. It was an amazing day and we learned a lot about cultures and new things that are connected to energy consumption.



Written by: Katarina Naglič







We woke up at half past seven in the morning. We got ready and went to our teachers' room. Teacher Mojca celebrated her birthday, so we wished her a happy birthday and gave her a small gift. Later, we went downstairs for some delicious breakfast. After the breakfast the bus had already waiting for us outside the hotel. Our destination today was the city of Craiova which is situated about two hours away from our hotel.

Along the way we stopped at an important thermal power plant to find out more about energy waste. We watched an interesting video about all the thermal power plants in Romania and learned some interesting facts about this specific one – Termocentrala Rovinari. The thermal power plants produces one third of all the energy in Romania. They started building it in 1972 and it became usable seven years later. It is the largest thermal power plant in Romania and second largest in Europe. I really liked the video because it was explained how the energy production works. I learned a lot of new and interesting facts about the power plant. After watching the video, we went on a tour through the power plant where we saw numerous turbines and pipes. The Romanian teacher told us about how they crush the coal and then burn it in order to produce energy. She also explained how they filter the toxic fumes, so they don't go straight in the air. In my opinion it was a great experience to see the whole production but it was really noisy and loud because of all the machines inside the factory.

After the tour we went back to our bus and drove to a restaurant where we had lunch. We were all really hungry so it was high time for eat some delicious food!.

We drove for one more hour and arrived to Craiova. It was astonishing; however, although the city is big you can still see signs of poverty. We had two hours of free time so we went to a shopping centre. Firstly, we went to buy some clothes and accessories and later we went to Starbucks to grab a cup of coffee.

Our bus drive was very long and exsausting but it was really fun because we were talking to our  Spanish and Portuguese students almost the whole time. They are all very nice and it is interesting to talk to them and we even took some group photos and videos so we will be able to keep memories later on when we return back to our country. Although some students struggle with English, we all tried to support each other and made some great conversations.

Two hours passed  so quickly and we had to drive back to our hotel in Targu Jiu. We took a short rest and then went to the city center for dinner. It was very delicious and overall it was a pleasant experience because our waiter was a very pleasant and funny guy and he could speak English quite well!

Later that night there was a concert in the city centre and we decided to go. We were having a lot of fun even thought we didn't know the singer. After the concert we were all very tired so we went back to our hotel. We did some face masks and then we went to sleep.

                                                                                          Written by: Sara Eniko





On the fifth and last day of our staying at the Story hotel, we woke up and, as usually, ate our breakfast. After breakfast, all the participants of mobility went to a hotel’s conference room where we split into six groups. Each group consisted of mixed nationality students. Firstly, we were shown how electricity is produced on the basis of renewable resources such as water, wind and sun. Secondly, each group made a presentation about the topic they were given. The presentations were very interesting, since there were some great ideas gathered on how to save energy in school, city, village, hotel and factory. Afterwards we had a little competition for the best photo of the week. Each country posted five photos and then we voted for the best one.

After presentations we had some free time. We hung out with our friend from Spain a bit and then went to our rooms for about an hour to write our diary entries. After lunch we enjoyed in the city centre, we had free time until 8 o'clock.

In the evening we had our last dinner together. It was time to dance and have some fun! Each country picked a few songs and gave instructions how to dance. At first it was a bit awkward and we were a bit shy; however, soon everybody got relaxed and started enjoying. We were really surprised how good Spanish teachers can dance. Nobody wanted to leave when it was time to leave. Everything comes to an end, so we said goodbye to our new friends and make some last wonderful memories together.

                                                                                          Written by: Lenča Miklavčič






































On the last day of our mobility, we woke up at 8 o' clock. We all packed our things and got dressed. We ate breakfast which was delicious as usually and we also grab the opportunity and took some croissants and other food to eat on our way to airport.

We were ready to go, but we were also quite sad, because we made some good friends and we didn't want to separate. Unfortunetely, we didn't have a choice, so we placed our luggage into the van.

While driving, teachers were talking to our driver Dejan in Serbian and girls were listening to music and sleeping most of the time towards the Belgrade Airport. Somewehere in the middle of our way back to the airport, driver stopped the van, so we could eat some snacks and stretch our legs. We stopped on the spot with a magnificent view of the valley.


Once at the airport, we were quite excited because we knew we were not far from our homes. We said goodbye to our kind driver Dejan (Jumbo Travel) who was very sweet all the way and I think we won't forget him easily. He even bought us one basket of fresh strawberries on our first day while travelling to Romania! He was really nice and he was always cheerful and talkative.

We went throught airport security and we waited for our flight for about an hour and a half. We had a delay but then our airplane was finally ready and we got on the airport bus which took us straight towards our airplane.

Our take off was gentle and comfortable, so we enjoyed it. I think we all love to fly.
Our landing wasn't as nice as our take off, but we survived which matters the most.

We were so happy to meet our families again and we almost ran to the airport exit without our luggage. Our parents were already waiting for us and it was a pleasant reunion. That was the end of our journey and we all can say it was an unforgettable experience. We would do it again and again if we could


                                                                                                        Written by: Sara Kosmač